Dozens of features included

Second WhatsApp for business Two+ numbers on one phone Divert calls to a real mobile
Create customer phone menus ChatGPT chatbots for your website ✓ Received SMS sent to your email
✓ Cheap local & international calls ✓ Send & receive SMS from the web ✓ Second phone number for business

A phone number in the cloud

Use anywhere : On a computer, Android/iOS device or VoIP deskphone. No SIM card, no contract. We offer landline and mobile numbers with SMS. Just take your pick!

How it works : Watch now.

How it works.




Choose a US or UK number and complete the signup process. Log in to your web dashboard using the username and password we email you and set up call forwarding to your mobile. Optionally use our app (Android and Apple) for internet-based calls on your smartphone, eliminating the need for a SIM card.

2 numbers. 1 phone.

2ndNumber gives you a second number on your existing phone, with no additional SIM card required. Make calls and use SMS through the app, or through the cloud on any device.

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Get a US or UK phone number, no ID

2ndNumber gives you a US or UK phone number with no verified address or identity documents required. Whether you're concerned about privacy or lack US/UK documentation as a resident or non-resident, this is your solution.

Private business number for 2FA

Keep your personal number private and use 2ndNumber for two-factor authentication for third party services, without giving away your data to companies.

Cheap calls international and domestic

Grow your business or keep in touch with your people, wherever you or they are, at the lowest possible cost. Unlike our competitors, you will not be charged for any inbound calls.

Get a US or UK number, whatever your location

It doesn't matter where you live in the world, 2ndNumber gives you a US or UK number instantly, with just a few clicks. You can even choose the local area code for your number.

AI powered voice menus for customer service

Handle inbound calls by creating a menu using our AI powered text-to-speech tool. Setup in just a few minutes, in a male or female voice and your choice of language or accent.

How it works : Call menu builder.

Shared SMS inbox for your team

Access your 2ndNumber SMS inbox on your phone or computer. Share your 2ndNumber SMS inbox with your team, so all of you can manage 2FA for shared online banking and other services. You are no longer restricted by access to one mobile or phone number.

WhatsApp chatbot creator for business numbers

Use our ChatGPT tool to build a WhatsApp chatbot so website visitors can ask questions about the products and services you offer on your website or shop.

Capture their contact details. 2ndNumber will send you an email and SMS with their contact number so you never miss a lead.

How it works : ChatGPT on your website.