Forward inbound calls to your 2ndNumber using our divert feature.

When you purchase a 2ndNumber from us, you will have a virtual number that you can give out in confidence knowing that your private number remains hidden. But what if you want to receive calls on that number, but instead have them forwarded to your actual mobile or landline number?

It's really quite simple: once you have signed up to 2ndNumber, you can then go about logging into the web dashboard. From there, you simply need to enable the 'Call Diversion' option under the 'Profile' icon as follows:

The tickbox to enable call diversion for inbound calls shown in a screenshot

Then specify the number you wish to divert all calls to. This can be your mobile cell number, or landline number. It can even be in a different country, it doesn't matter.

Screen shot of the call diversion feature

Now all inbound calls that reach your 2ndNumber will be instantly forwarded to the number you specify here.

Remember, you can divert calls to any number in the world - our standard pricing will apply - each diverted call will use up credits. Most destinations are very cheap - eg 1 minute of diverted call is 1 credit if you are diverting to a US or UK number. Check our pricing page for a full breakdown of prices to call different countries.

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