How I Got Me Perfect Blower's Dog and Bone for Me Plumbing Biz

Alright you lot! Gather round and let me spill the beans about the jolly good adventure I had nabbing the perfect dog and bone (that's cockney rhyming slang for "phone," if you're not up on the lingo) for me plumbing business. Trust me, it's a proper corker of a tale!

The Beginning of the Jack-the-Lad Journey

So there I was, just a bloke with his wrench, tryin' to make a name for meself in the plumbing game. But let's be honest, having some boring old number ain't gonna cut the mustard when you're aiming to be the talk of the town. I knew I needed a phone number that'd make the punters remember me, like a catchy tune stuck in their noggins.

The Hunt for the Perfect Dog and Bone

I reckon I must've gone through more numbers than I've had cups of Rosie Lee (that's tea, by the way). First thing, I wanted it to be bang on local, somethin' that'd shout "I'm a Londoner!" So, I started with the area code – no point in sounding like a proper tourist, right?

Next up, it had to be as memorable as a night out with your old china. None of those drab, forgettable digits for me. I needed something that'd stick like bubblegum on a boot heel.

Strike a Light! The Big Find

After a few pints and a bit of chinwagging with me mates down at the local, I struck gold! I found a dog and bone thanks to the lads over at with the perfect combo of digits – easy as pie to remember, and it had that London charm I was after.

The Cockney Chatterbox in Action

With me new blower's dog and bone, I started to notice the difference right away. Punters were ringin' me up left and right, and they weren't forgettin' me number like last week's leftovers. They'd tell their Auntie Nell, and before you knew it, I was the talk of the East End.

The Verdict: A Right Bobby Dazzler

In the end, getting me hands on that perfect dog and bone for me plumbing biz was the best decision I ever made and it was made a piece of cake thanks to It gave me a bit of London flair, made me stand out in the crowd, and helped me grow me business faster than you can say "apples and pears" (that's stairs, in case you're still learnin' the ropes).

So, if you're thinkin' about gettin' a new phone number for your business, don't be a mug – make it memorable and give it that local touch with a number from those geeky types over at You'll be chuffed with the results, just like I am with me blower's dog and bone!

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